UV Lights in Millersville & Bowie, MD

When you're trying to clean the air in your home in order to boost indoor air quality, your primary focus may be removing pollutants like dust and dirt from the air. We can outfit your home with air filtration and purification systems designed to do just that. However, there are other pollutants you may need to deal with-biological pollutants, specifically-that you cannot easily filter from the air.

If you're invested in boosting your indoor air quality and making your home a healthier living environment, then you may need to bring UV lights into the mix. UV (ultraviolet) germicidal lights are used to combat living pollutants such as viruses, mold, and bacteria. When you schedule service with the honest service professionals at MBS Mechanical, Inc, your UV lights in Millersville & Bowie, MD will work properly for maximum benefit.

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Why Isn't Filtration Enough?

Air filters trap pollutants on the filtering media as air carrying those pollutants passes through them. More sophisticated electronic air cleaners may ionize those pollutants and collect them on oppositely charged plates. This is effective for dust, dirt, and other such pollutants-but biological pollutants are living microorganisms. That means that they can reproduce. Simply removing them from the air is not enough. Pollutant destruction is the answer.

Think about it: even if you were to trap biological pollutants in a chamber or on a media filter, what would happen? They'd still be alive, just trapped. They can continue to thrive and multiply. You may be treating a symptom, but the source of the problem is still there. UV germicidal lights, on the other hand, solve the issue at its core.

But How Does It Work?

UV lights are installed in the ductwork of your HVAC system, typically right by the air handler. They emit UV radiation, much like the rays that may give you a sunburn at the beach. The light is confined to the ductwork in your home, however, and is 100% safe for pets and people. Biological pollutants, on the other, don't fare nearly as well.

The UV radiation emitted by the lights disrupts the pollutants at a biological level, disrupting the processes that allow for reproduction or, alternatively, destroying pollutants all together. It is important to note, however, that these lights do nothing to remove airborne pollutants from the air, so they are to be used in addition to, but not in place of, air filters/cleaners.

UV lights are pretty straightforward. They are installed in the ductwork, and they don't require any moving parts that can break down on you. But that doesn't mean just anyone can install them. Our service professionals have the experience and training necessary to access your ductwork safely and install these lights properly.

Maintenance is minimal for these lights, but they should be inspected during routine HVAC maintenance to ensure proper function. Like any lights, bulbs may burn out, they may collect dust and dirt, and so on. Should you need bulbs replaced or UV germicidal light repairs, we're the ones for the job.