Radiant Heating Systems in Millersville & Bowie, MD

Forced-air heating systems are popular among homeowners. Such systems include heat pumps and furnaces. Despite their popularity, however, forced-air heaters are not the only option worth considering. In fact, the major alternative to such systems-the radiant heating system-has some benefits to offer over its forced-air competitors. With our professional radiant heating services, you can start reaping those benefits promptly.

There are different ways in which radiant heating systems may be designed and installed, but our focus is on in-floor hydronic heating systems. Not only is it the cream of the crop when it comes to radiant heating, but we believe it to be one of the best home heating options available, period. Read on and call MBS Mechanical, Inc if you think radiant heating in Millersville & Bowie, MD is right for you.

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Radiant Heating Installation in Columbia, MD

Because there is no ductwork that could potentially leak means improving heating efficiency, and the indoor air quality benefits by cutting out recirculated heated air that may pick up pollutants in ductwork. In addition to these advantages, radiant heaters are as durable as they are effective.

When you opt for a radiant heating installation, there are fewer mechanical parts that could fail on you. All heating systems, including radiant heaters, will require replacement eventually, of course. However, when you invest in good radiant heating equipment and you let the service professionals on our staff install all of it, you can count on dependable heating for many years to come.

Radiant Heating Repairs and Maintenance

Radiant heating systems can be outstanding, but no heater is perfect. Eventually, you may find that your boiler is not heating water effectively. It may begin to emit loud rumbling sounds, known as "kittling." Whatever the case may be, prompt radiant heating repairs in Columbia, MD are definitely in your best interest.

With routine radiant heating maintenance, your in-floor heating system will function as reliably as possible. Maybe not perfectly at all times, but as close as you can get. Be sure to contact us to schedule your radiant heating maintenance, and remember to ask about our maintenance program as well.

While forced-air heaters heat air and then distribute that heated air throughout the house via a system of ductwork, a radiant heater instead applies heat to surfaces in the home directly. With our in-floor heating installations, a boiler is used to heat water. Rather than sending that heated water to hydronic baseboards or radiators, however, it circulates beneath the floor in a closed system of pipes.

The heat from the water-an outstanding heat transfer fluid-transfers to the floors via the pipes, and then that heat radiates up and out to objects and bodies in the living space. There is no heat loss due to leaky ductwork, indoor air quality issues stemming from forced-air heating are curbed entirely, and you don't really have to worry about heated air simply rising up to the ceiling and getting trapped.