Commercial Air Conditioning in Millersville & Bowie, MD

A commercial air conditioner shares a lot in common with the smaller and typically less complex residential models out there. They're controlled by thermostats, they can be zoned as needed for the building in question, a refrigerant cycle allows for the removal of heat from the air, etc. While these systems obviously have their similarities, there is a lot of difference in terms of installing and servicing such equipment. Commercial air conditioners in Columbia, MD demand commercial service professionals.

That you're reading this means that you've found the people to trust with your commercial AC services. From new installations to repairs and routine maintenance, our comfort specialists possess the skills and training the job demands. Don't trust just anyone with something as important as your commercial cooling system. Leave the job to MBS Mechanical, Inc and it will be done right. For us, honesty, integrity, and exceeding expectations are the name of the game.

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Choosing Your Commercial Air Conditioner

You may think that all commercial air conditioners are the same, but that is not true. While rooftop units are exceedingly popular, for instance, there are also commercial ductless systems that may better suit properties where zoning the system is a top priority. Plus, they can double as heating systems because they use heat pump technology.

We don't expect our commercial clients to know for certain what type of commercial air conditioning system best suits their needs. From system design to efficiency ratings and zoning options, we're here to ensure your system meets your needs, budgetary and otherwise. Contact us with any questions you may have, and enjoy outstanding commercial cooling for years to come.

We Install and Replace Commercial Air Conditioners in Columbia, MD

A commercial air conditioning installation is not the type of job that you play off the cuff. It requires a lot of planning, a lot of design and, in cases of rooftops units, coordination with someone who can operate the equipment needed to get that system up there to begin with. It's a lot to handle, but it's nothing that we can't handle successfully.

While we excel in installations for new properties, we are also available to those commercial property owners who are ready for replacement services. No commercial AC will last forever, and you may decide you want to replace yours for a better performance or efficiency level. In either situation, our commercial air conditioning replacement services are just what you need.

There are some great manufacturers making exceptional commercial AC systems today, and our installation services will get those systems started off on the right path. Eventually, however, you'll need to repair the system. If your system is not functioning properly in any way, remember that prompt commercial air conditioning repair in Columbia, MD is always the best course of action.

Don't forget to schedule annual commercial air conditioning maintenance with our team. While it won't ward off repair needs completely, it is definitely your best option for minimizing the frequency and severity of those repair needs. Our service professionals will tune-up your equipment thoroughly.